Representation of the student residence

Every year, a spokesperson for the student residence and for each floor is elected by the residents. One of their main responsibilities is to advocate the interests of the residents towards the owners of the residence and to contribute to a flourishing cooperation between the director and the students.

For the current academic year (2017/2018) the following residents were elected:

Spokesperson for the student residence

Jakob Tschernutter

Deputy spokesperson for the student residence

Lukas Prodinger

Spokesperson for the floor

1st floor

  • Sebastian Goditsch
  • Wei Guo

2nd floor

  • Ievgenii Kondratenko
  • Dmytro Kondrashov

3rd floor

  • Simon Reith
  • Alina Peter

4th floor

  • Anita Vučenović
  • Daniela Kletzl

5th floor

  • Raman Levoshka
  • Paul Hofmann

6th floor

  • Jakob Tschernutter
  • Lukas Prodinger

7th floor

  • Alexandra Gattinger
  • Dominik Eitler